Georgia Fragkouli

I am a final-year PhD student at the School of Computer and Communication Sciences, EPFL, advised by Prof. Katerina Argyraki and Prof. Bryan Ford.

My research focuses on networked systems, in particular their security, privacy, and performance monitoring. In today’s Internet, end-users cannot localize performance issues to particular networks, and networks with good performance cannot showcase it. Proposed transparency mechanisms change this by monitoring network performance through performance reports produced by networks themselves. However, these proposals are not seeing adoption as: (1) network self-interests impede reliable reporting of internal issues; and (2) transparency violates the assumptions of existing anonymity frameworks, such as Tor.

To address this, I work on reliable and anonymity-preserving performance conclusions–reliable by exploiting interdependencies within and between networks to construct performance metrics that are resilient to dishonest reporting; anonymity-preserving by adaptively changing the time granularity of the performance reports to obfuscate communication patterns. Overall, my work lays the foundation for reliable and secure Internet performance monitoring and was awarded an IETF/IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize.

I can speak/write/listen in English (fluent), French (beginner), and Greek (native).

You can download my CV here.
Last updated: Dec 1, 2021.

Ph.D. Student


Networked Systems